First day at MDRS – 02/02/14

Today we said goodbye to the remaining members of crew 134. Then I got familiar with the greenhouse and sowed the lettuces seeds which I will use for my experiment. The air is so dry here, relative humidity stays between 15  and 20 %. I can feel it on my skin and on my cracked lips. So I covered the lettuce seeds I planted with a transparent plastic lid in order to leave them in an environment close to 100% humidity, which will make germination easier.


Mini germination chamber.

With the whole team we checked that the mock spacesuits and the ATVs were in good working conditions and we did an inventory of different equipments.

We have decided to eat only things which are likely to be eaten by astronauts on Mars, that’s to say mainly ice-dried food and some fresh vegetable (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots) that we could have grown in the greenhouse.

The day ended up with the writing of daily reports to mission support. A successful misison is ahead of us!


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