First day in simulation 03/02/14

Mornings on Mars really are amazing… We wake up every day with this magical view.


A morning on Mars. View from the base.

Today I installed my LED lamp with plastic walls all around. This will avoid any light contamination to other plants growing in the greenhouse which should only get natural light. And since the interior side of the plastic is white it will reflect light, this way increasing the overall light intensity.


LED lamps in the greenhouse (GreenHab).

I managed to put a piece of wood so deep in one of my fingers while doing all this installations that I can’t even get it out (although I have no problem with opening my fingers in general).

I also did my first light intensité and spectrum measurements in the greenhouse, during the day but also during the night just with the LED lamp.

Two of my crewmates went to explore the surroundings today, with their spacesuits of course. My first extravehicular activity is scheduled for tomorrow and we will ride ATVs!


Elif and Martin exploring the surroundings of the habitat during an EVA.

We started a food study. We weight ourselves every morning and we need to record anything we eat: quantity, nutritious content, brand. It’s quite constraining but fun; it forces us to think twice before taking a handful of cashews or cranberries because then we have to write it down.

I have not worn my contacts for two days because I’m just staying in the base and in the greenhouse,so I don’t need them. My eyes are happy with this little break. Anyway I think I would not be able to keep them a whole day given the dry air environment!

Water is very limited here so we pay attention to everything: as few showers as possible, flushing the toilet only if necessary, washing the dishes with a bucket underneath and water reutilization. My first shower will probably be tomorrow after my first extravehicular activity. Hahaha 🙂


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