5… 4… 3… 2… 1… GO!

Finally the first post about the HI-SEAS mission! I wanted to post it yesterday (Saturday), for the first day of our mission but we’ve had small problems with the communication system, leading us to be out of internet from the middle of the day Saturday.

Where to start?

Our landing on Friday night was quite tumultuous with an arrival at sunset under pouring rain, strong winds and about 10°C (50 F)… Like an actual Martian sandstorm. We unloaded all our luggage et did the last interviews with the journalists of the University of Hawaii under the rain. “Good luck and see you in four months!” said Kim as she was exiting the habitat and mission has started!

Here we are, the six of us, totally wet in our new home which looks more like a battle field than a Martian base at the moment. First thing to do: bedding and rooms organization. After all it is already close to 20:00.


My room upon our arrival.

 I did not do much more on that night, the tiredness I accumulated during training week and the change in elevation that we just went through (about 1300m, 4000 feet) made me crash at 22:00.

Saturday morning, soft wake up. I prepared oatmeal for my crewmates. Then we have started sorting out food. We must divide everything into four, in order not to be short on ingredients at the end of the mission.


Sorting out food for the upcoming four months!

The day was rythmed by organization of life on the base, cleaning and tidying. Around 15:00 Ross and Tiffany did an extra-vehicular activity (EVA) in order to fill in the generator with gasoline and check the oil levels. This was also the opportunity for us to check our spacesuits. Our primary electricity source comes from solar panels but since it rained the whole day, charging was very slow, which did not enable to charge batteries enough for the night. The fuel cell, our second power source, is not ready for utilization yet, so our last option was the diesel generator…. And reducing our electricity consumption.


First day on Mars!

While organizing my room, I was happy to find the letters that a lot of you sent to me, thank you so much!! I will open them along the way. Today I had a letter assigned for the first day of my mission, from Pauline, so I read it: thank you couz!!


Letters from everybody.

After diner, we discussed chores rotation and our different roles in the mission. And we ended the evening with a game of UNO!



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