April Fools

This morning we woke up with lava flowing around us! It was very impressive!

April fools

Lava around the base. Credits: Ross Lockwood

More seriously, we have had our fourth day of rain in a row and the solar panels were not enough. We had to run he generator for 3 hours. Around 18:00 as the sun set down we noticed that the generator was not sufficient to fully charge the batteries. Our first guess was that the generator was short on gas. Annie and Ross did a night EVA and went to check the generator. The result was that the level of gas was full, so the problem was elsewhere.

Looking closer at the pattern of the batteries charge, it appeared that they would not charge above 50%.. The peson responsible for electrical systems will come tomorrow out of sim to sort this problem out, since this is an emergency. We had an evening in the dark with our flashlight to save fuel.

To finish on a lighter tone: today I ran for the first time on Mars! 30 min, 3 miles/5km, starting slowly to get used to the 2500 m elevation and the ambient 1500 ppm CO2 levels inside the hab (as a reference, the outside air generally is around 300/400 ppm, 500 ppm in buildings). One thing is sure: my plants will love it 🙂


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