First exercising, shower, and spacesuit test

Third day today… and also first shower (1min56 of running water) ! 🙂 And first sport session. We did the first video of the program Insanity. For the one who know it, you’ll understand our pain, especially at almost 2500m (8000 feet) elevation !

We spent the rest of the day inventoring the food and configuring our email accounts to adapt for the 20-min delay system.

Yesterday (Sunday 30th March) I had the surprise to open one letter my father had prepared for me for that date. Thank you Daddy!! Small important detail: the card is impregnated with his perfume 🙂


Thoughts from La Grave from my father.

After diner, we tried the spacesuits that the University of Maryland lent us. Since sizes are quite small, we wanted to know who could fit in it and what would our mobility level be (Credits for pictures: Ross Lockwood).

spacesuit trialspacesuit trial 2me in suitme in full suit

I finish this day with the video of our arrival filmed by the journalists of the University of Hawaii:


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