Retrieve crashed cargo: First EVA

We knew this would happen sooner or later: today (Thursday), in the middle of a quiet afternoon, we got the info from mission support that they had localized one of our crashed cargos. Indeed, five boxes of food, medicines and other common goods did not make it to the base at the same time as us (some cargos crashed) and were still missing. The info came at 16:30. This meant we had an hour and a half left before dark to get it. The three designated for the EVA were Ross, Casey and I. We suited up very quickly and went outside to find the cargo. When we opened the door the view struck me: vivid red rocks contrasting with dark grey clouds… Beautiful! We started going along the road then on the lava flows nearby and we have started looking for the crashed cargo… We went to far and could not find it and so after half an hour of unsuccessful search we decided to head back to the habitat… still keeping an eye open though! Suddenly, we saw it! The cargo (a plastic box) was about 10 meters down the road. We brought it back to the hab. Inside there were sheets, towels, soap, medicines and vitamins (especially fibers, because apparently constipation is one of the major health problems when depending on a shelf-stable ingredients diet), but also pits chips (yay!!) and rice cakes. This day was thus a good day. In addition the sun came back this morning and we could see Mauna Kea with snow on top.


Mauna Kea from the only window of the hab.


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