End of the first week

Already one week! Incredible! These first days went by so fast that I did not even notice them.

Yesterday Friday, we had another sunny day and another EVA. This time, we went out to test some research equipment for our research projects. We were four, split into two groups: Tiffany and Ron installed a radio antenna so that we can broadcast and share our experience on the radio (respecting the 20-min delay of course).


Ron and Tiffany in front of the base. Credits: Annie Caraccio.


Tiffany in fornt of Mauna Kea. Credits: Annie Caraccio.








Annie and I tested the instrument she brought from Kennedy Space Center (Swamp Works lab) to test soil resistance.


Annie and moi testing the resistance of martian soil. Credits: Annie Caraccio.


Annie and Iagain. Credits: Annie Caraccio.








We also cleaned the outside of our window.


Ron and I (with the red bucket) after we cleaning up the window. Credits: Annie Caraccio.


Casey and Ross stayed inside the hab as “Hab com” to assist us on the radio.


From left to right: Ron, Tiffany and I during recompression. Credits: Annie Caraccio.


Me dressed in spacesuit in front of Mauna Kea. Credits: Annie Caraccio.








Yesterday night, was a celebration evening, weekend’s eve! After a group abs session all together, we ate pop corn watching another episode of Firefly (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0303461/), mix of science-fiction and western, very well done!

Today was our first day “off”, each of us took care of their personal  things and research projects. Tiffany baked bread and I did some yogurt. All of this was pretty successful even though the yogurt had a weird taste (salty) partly because of the freeze-dried milk used.

Unfortunately the treadmill got broken this afternoon – the transformer died… And we probably won’t have a new one to repair it before our resupply at the end of may… Never mind we will continue our Insanity workout program!

Tonight I cooked a Gratin Dauphinois! (yes yes!) But the result was so so, way too dry. I’m not used to cooking with freeze-dried ingredients and I probably did not put enough water inside. But it was edible. And we did an “apero” dry sausage – cheese – fresh bread so it balances it! 🙂 Yes, we have Gouda! Not a lot of course but enough to indulge ourselves in the first weeks.


Gratin Dauphinois with freeze-dried potatoes and sour cream… Not the best.

And at the end of this first week I used 5min33 of shower out of my 8 min allowed… a good start!



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