Middle of the second week

We are now well settled and the psychological tests and surveys entered our daily routine. This reminds me that I still did not talk in this blog about the surveys we need to fill in for the main study of this mission: performance and interaction of the crew in long-duration isolation.

First of all, we have to carry on us at all times two sensors: one badge monitoring among others the interaction with the other crew members, the light and sound intensity, and an armband monitoring our heart rate, physical activity, sleep cycles, etc. We must keep the armband 24h/24 and the badge during all awake hours of the day.

badge Lucie Poulet

The badge.

armband_Lucie Poulet

The armband 24h/24.








On top of this we also have five daily questionnaires, two weekly surveys, one weekly test aimed at evaluating our performance as a team, and one monthly cognition test. The surveys focus on our mood, state of mind, fatigue level, motivation, feeling of belonging in the group, interaction with the other crew members, etc.

Here under, Tiffany, Ross, and Casey take part in our weekly test. This test also includes saliva sampling before and after to evaluate our stress levels.


Tiffany, Ross and Casey are not being antisocial: they participate in our weekly test on team performance.



Focus at its maximum.








With all these surveys and tests, the most important is to remain zen 🙂


Zen attitude on Mars.

Last week the JTM of the School of Engineering Mines de Nancy interviewed me from distance for the French National Engineering Day. The video is very well done and I want to send them a warm thank you!!




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