Tonight I wanted to put my running shoes on, take my music and go running. Smell the wet ground at nightfall, feel the air gliding through my hair, listen to my footstep in the empty streets and then on the soft ground of the trails in the parc. Running for hours and hours and come back only when I’m really tired. But on Mars, this is not how it goes. First of all, running in spacesuit is not really ideal. Our Hazmat suits (green ones) don’t allow a great mobility level and the MX suits (white ones) weight around 22 kg… Finally, running on terrain like lava fields has never really been a good idea. So, we have a treadmill. Well, we had a treadmill. It is broken since at least 10 days and we probably won’t receive the replacement part until our resupply at the end of May. Luckily, we have a bike! I don’t know if you ever did stationary bike but, even with music, it becomes boring very fast (even when looking to the Martian landscape outside). In order to counter boredom, we found a solution: books! Well, Kindle (electronic book) because it took less space in the luggage. Since the bike is pretty stable, it is very easy to read, or even study Russian like Annie does.


On Mars, we bike while reading. Or looking through the window during  daylight. Thanks Tiff for the picture!

Every morning and every morning in Bremen, I cycle to work, it takes me between 20 and 25 minutes each way and I would like to trade it for nothing (except for a motorbike of course!). I remember clearly one day on my way back home, shortly before leaving for the mission, I was trying to enjoy these last moments in the nature. Birds were singing, the typical forest smell on a spring evening spread into the air, wind was blowing in my ears and I could see the movement of the leaves as it went through the trees. A lot of people asked me what I missed and what I would miss and usually I did not know what to answer. Tonight, that’s what I miss: observe spring slowly coming, being able to jump into my running shoes and go running, hear birds singing. But then I look through the window and this type of views remind me that I’m on Mars (or almost) being part of a fantastic mission with an awesome crew.


Sunset on Mars.


Sunset on Mars.







And this is really important: this mission, a part form its high scientific value, is for all of us very beneficial from a personal point of view. I’m becoming aware of all these little things of my daily life which I don’t necessarily notice usually but that I’m missing and that I’m going to enjoy when I’m back.

In order to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body, Annie, Tiff and I continue to follow the Insanity program  Pour maintenir un esprit sain dans un corps sain, nous continuons de suivre le programme de sport Insanity tous les jours avec Annie et Tiff.


In the middle of Insanity. You’ll notice the T-Shirt of Bremen! 🙂


Insanity… more…


Insanity one day, insanity forever! Thanks Ross for theses photos!!








On top of that we improve our techinque in pull-ups and should be able to do them from the tip of our fingers very soon 🙂 Annie and I also follow the Convict Conditioning program and Tiff does no less then 100 push-ups a day! And we start to feel the results…


Yes, I’m carrying a sofa, and so what? (again thank you to Ross for the photo)



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