Astronomy in a spacesuit

I’m just back from an astronomy evening around the habitat… in spacesuits of course! It was really awesome and I really had the feeling to be on Mars and be looking at the sky trying to locate Earth among the other shiny dots. Well in the end I found Mars itself, which was facing Jupiter.


The hab at night Credits: Ross Lockwood.

The sky was really dark because there is no light pollution at this altitude and in such a remote place and the Moon was not out yet. There are numbers of constellations I don’t know because I’m not really familiar with the Spring sky and we are so far South that we can see constellations of the Southern hemisphere on the horizon. Apparently this Summer we will be able to see the Southern Cross!

I stayed an hour with the nose up against my helmet trying to see as much as I could. The drawback of our white spacesuits is that we can’t lay down on the back to enjoy the sky. In order to see the zenith, I needed to make a huge effort bending backwards with 15 kilos on my back. Next time I will try with the green suits and lay on the ground to admire this;


Sky from the hab. Credits: Ross Lockwood.


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