Sunset on Mars

Today was a busy day. It started with an EVA this morning to test the different spacesuit we have, in terms of mobility and dexterity. The photo here under is from last week: Annie was in the white MX suit and Tiff in the yellow/green Hazmat suit. This time they exchanged to have a non-biased test. This test consists in small different activities: turn around a box, walk over a box, open a tripod, unscrew a screw with a screwdriver, walk 30m with bags of different weights etc.


Tiff open a tripod in a Hazmat suit. Annie is in the MX suit in the background. Credits: Annie Caraccio.

We had to do an emergency break because my suit was not perfectly well adjusted and I got a very violent cramp in my neck. The end of the EVA was dedicated for pictures. Everything went smoothly until the moment Annie noticed that the back part of Tiff’s suit was about to fall… So emergency return. And tomorrow the main task will be repairing the damaged suit.

This week has started with an internet failure, then on Monday night we ran short of water thinking tanks were still full because the sensors did not work correctly. So Tuesday we had an emergency EVA to re-prime the pump after our robots refilled the tanks. In total we stayed less than 24 hours without potable water so nothing horrible. And today the suit broke… Some weeks are like this 😉

And some evenings our crew mate Ross decides to do a sunset time-lapse and this is the result. Enjoy! 🙂


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