One month on Mars

Monday 28th of April marked our first month on Mars. A month which went by at the speed of light! “Aren’t you afraid to be bored during these four months locked on a volcano?” “I hope you brought books and movies!” Let me reassure you, I have no time to get bored! On the contrary, I have no time to do everything I’d like to do here… Astronaut apprentice is a full-time job 😉 That’s why 10 days have passed since my last post on this blog. I hope you did not miss me too much.

And who says end of the first month, says beginning of the second month! And so opening of food boxes for month 2!! Thursday 1st of May, it was a little bit like Christmas and we were all very happy to (re)discover our food for the coming month.


Tiffany opens boxes.

Thursday I was finally able to harvest the first Mars-grown radishes! Ok, there were about two per person 🙂 But it was so good to eat fresh veggies after one month of freeze-dried food!!


Radishes right after the harvest



Radishes and leaves sorted out.















So last night, we did  a radish-leaf soup… A first time for me. One thing I will gain for sure from this mission, is the cooking. As you all know 1) I hate cooking 2) I don’t really cooking well 3) I have no will of learning it 4) however I love eating :/ At leas here I have no choice, so I try new recipes every week and so far everything everything goes well, no food-poisoning to report.


Radish.-leaf soup.


Well apparently it was appreciated 😉





This week, the weather was awful. We had an astronomy EVA scheduled for Tuesday night and one scheduled on Thursday to test spacesuits and we did not manage to do any of them. Monday we did a geology EVA in order to determine how much material was ejected during a past volcanic eruptuion. And yesterday we did a long EVA to test soil resistance far from the base during which I was wearing Google Glass.

eva-22 6

Totally focused. Credits: Ross Lockwood.

A small heart, just for you.

A heart on Mars. Credits: Ross Lockwood.




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