Chicken is back

All right, it’s been about 7 weeks now that I haven’t posted anything here… Sorry but, one thing leading to another, I got carried away by the events and did not even take the time to write! I’ll try to remedy this during the last three weeks of the mission. This post is about our “camping adventure” of 17/05 and in the next posts I will explain to you what happened and why I did not write anything for so long.

The camping trip was really awesome. It made us all feel better. We started around 17h on Saturday and finished on Sunday morning, so it was not very long but we all felt somewhere else, as if we had actually gone somewhere.

We started with the construction of our tent, which consisted in pulling sheets over our heads in the living room. Not very easy!


The tent from upstairs.


The tent from downstairs.






Then we played boules/pétanque (with ping pong balls, which was not ideal) while eating M&Ms, peanut butter pretzels and other sort of junk, as some others tried to canoe 🙂

ross en canoe camping

Ross is canoeing in the dome.

Tiffany had prepared delicious home-made hotdogs for the occasion with mac&cheese (eaten with ketchup in the USA and Canada). She had also made Aussi bites, which small cakes from Australia and made of all sorts of seeds and dried fruits, honey, coconut… delightful! And we ate around our campfire.


Our meal: mac and cheese in the middle, hotdogs on the left and Aussie bites in the box on the right.

the fire

Our improvised campfire.


The kids are full and happy.

After the dinner, we played at “Cards against Humanity” (if you don’t know what it is, click here) still eating all sorts of junk like Oreo set. For this occasion, Annie even pulled Glowsticks out of her things.

Glowsticks and campfire

Throwing Glowsticks. Credits: Ross Lockwood.

Then we did an astronomie EVA and it really was fantastic. I would even lay on the ground and observe the stars. It had not happened to me in a long time, and even less with such a sky!

astro EVA camping3

The awesome starry Hawaiian sky above our dome. Credits: Ross Lockwood.

astro EVA camping2

Piece of art signed HI-SEAS. Credits: Ross Lockwood.

astro EVA camping

We are on Mars! Yay! Credits: Ross Lockwood.






When we came back we chatted around the fire until we fell asleep.

bed time

Go to bed! Credits: Ross Lockwood.

Nobody has touched their computer for the whole evening, except to fill in the psychological surveys and it was really awesome. The next morning, everybody got up very early because sleeping on the floor, even with a yoga mat, is painful.


Hard awakening.




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