Third time on Mars: first few days :)

Done! We are on Mars! Since Sunday 01/25 afternoon we are in simulation, which means we don’t go out without a spacesuit, we cannot use our cell phones or Skype, nor any online chat. On Mars, it takes 20 min to the light to reach us from the Earth and it’s the same for our emails, so any real time communication would be impossible, that’s to say “out of simumation”. In the same way, if we want to do an internet search,  we load the page and wait 40 min (round trip between Mars and the Earth) before looking at it. We only have a window in the morning until 8am and in the evening between 9 and 11pm to send/receive personal emails. And of course, no social media is allowed, except for our crew journalist Florence.


At the ariport before boarding!

We arrived at the Mars Desert Research Station on Saturday January 24th after a 2-hour-30 drive where crew 147 welcomed us and gave us the briefing. The night before, we had met in Grand Junction, Colorado after a 16-hour car journey for Tiff and after a journey of about 20-24 hours from France, Portugal or The Netherlands for the rest of us. All of our huge suitcases and backpacks  had to hold in the car we rented to reach MDRS.


Since we entered sim, we already di two EVAs for Tiffany’s and Nuno’s experiments. I was not part of these two but I will tomorrow, to take part in Nuno’s experiment. We also started to test our evacuation procesures in case of fire or depressurization on Mars.


Every day upon waking up, we see the sun rising on a magnificient mountain and every day while washing the dishes we have the view below. Not too bad, right?


You can follow our detailed adventures day after day on this blog:


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