My Birthday on Mars

Today I woke up the rest of the crew with “I’m alive” of Metric. We then had a nice brunch of omelette / scrambled eggs with leak and onions, bacon, pancakes and rice pudding. It was delicisous and the best way to start the weekend. Since it was Saturday and that tiredness was more and more present, we slept until 9. Anyway we the mud prevents us from doing our experiments during EVAs.


Awesome brunch! Credits: Florence Porcel

Now that we have had a specific training for each emergency case (fire and depressurization), we can start the actual tests and this is what we did today. We did not know if this would be a fire, a depressurization, or a rapid evacuation of the base due to one situation or the other. Duarte was the moderator and organized everything. At his signal (the test button of the fire alarm), we all took a respiratory mask and went look for the fire… It took us a little over 8 minutes to find it in a space of about 40 m²! It is the autoclave oven which caused the fire. We did not need to evacuate because we managed to stop the fire, pfiou!

Fire in the hab!

Fire in the hab!

Since the strong rain of Thursday and Friday left the ground totally soaked, surrunding terrains are only a big pile of mud!… We thus can’t perform the experiments of Tiffany and Nuno but we need to go out everyday to check the levels of water, gazoline, and propane. So that’s what we did this afternoon with Louise, Florence and Duarte. We also wanted to take pictures and find potential sites next to the hab to perform Tiffany’s and Nuno’s experiments. As we arrived at the level of the MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicule, name given to the MDRS director’s small trailer when she comes spent some days at MDRS), Duarte showed me a yellow balloon which was not there on previous days. Looking at it closer, I saw that there was a paper inside, which said “Go to waypoint 167”. So we took out the GPS and went on the treasure hunt! At point 167 it took me quite a while to find the other indicator. It was red balloon well hidden inside a small canyon. And there another indicator “go to waypoint 166”. At that point, Duarte had to take the GPS and take the lead because I was so much covered in mud that I could not hold anything in my hands. At waypoint 166, I still looked around for another full 10 minutes befire I could find the “treasure”… a present carefully packed in a protective plastique bag under a rock! 🙂


I’m 29! Credits: Florence Porcel

When I came back in the hab, I had the nice surprise to discover my room filled with balloons and a super cute stuffed elephant waiting for me on my desk!!! 🙂 And Tiffany was preparing a great chocolate cakes with two “floors”. My team is just awesome!


My birthday room!

Since we only had two number-shaped candles, a “3” and a “0”, I blew my thirty years yesterday hahaha! Not a big deal, it prepares me for next year!


Just to make things clear: I’m 29 in reality! 🙂 Credits: Florence Porcel

We finished the day with a “Celebrity” game and then we went to the observatory to see Jupiter, the Moon and the Pleiades! To sum up, a perfect birthday! Thanks to all of you my favorite crew!!!

The Moon! Credits: Louise Lindblad

The Moon! Credits: Louise Lindblad


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